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Payroll Services

Thomas & Fees has Payroll Processing You Can Count On

What’s the benefit of using a payroll service?

With a payroll service you don’t waste time and money calculating wages and writing checks. You avoid costly penalties for late payroll tax filing and you are automatically kept current with Federal and State payroll law changes.  Your payroll records are meticulously maintained (vacation and sick pay) and available at a glance.  In short, we administrate the employee compensation and compliance aspects of your practice so that you are free to create more income and business. 

Nicole Fenner

Payroll Specialist

Thomas and Fees provides comprehensive payroll services.  And, our “all-inclusive fee” is at a fraction of our competitors’ price.

  • Flexible payroll scheduling (weekly/bi-weekly/semi-monthly/monthly)
  • Payroll Checks or Direct Deposit
  • Detail payroll reports including registers & journals
  • Tax deposits (preparation and depositing)
  • Filing of all quarterly and annual reports including W2’s & 1099’s
  • Workers’ compensation reports and audits
  • Unemployment & Child Support claims

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