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Accounting and Taxes

For Professionals

Why use Thomas & Fees as your accountants?

Experience is the answer…..and we have it!

We have been working almost exclusively with professionals for over 40 years.  Most CPA’s see two, maybe three professionals a year.  Thomas & Fees helps over 300 professionals.  With so much professional contact we can identify problems quickly and come up with solutions on the spot.  We don’t have to guess or experiment.  Also, we can evaluate new Industry trends quickly and advise our clients on how to take advantage of them.

Thomas & Fees has in-depth knowledge and over 40 years experience in:

  • Income tax strategies and planning
  • Income tax preparation
  • Incorporation
  • Pension plan design and administration
  • Computer systems evaluation and implementation
  • Payroll service
  • Financial planning and budgeting

Tax Planning

Planning Ahead Saves You Money

Long before Uncle Sam opens his mouth on April 15th, we can reduce the bite he will take.  A carefully prepared individual tax projection is developed for each of our clients.  This projection develops strategies that save you taxes.  Our motto is, “It’s not what you earn that matters.  It’s what you KEEP that counts!”

All of our accounting services use QuickBooks®.

Not on QuickBooks®?

Not a problem for Thomas & Fees Accountancy Corp. One of our skilled accountants will help you install and setup your QuickBooks® software.  With QuickBooks® you don’t have to be at your office to get things done because everything you need is accessible over the internet.  QuickBooks® simplifies the accounting process, reduces accounting fees and gives you up-to-the-minute financial statements.   Our friendly and experienced accountants have worked with professionals and QuickBooks® for decades and they can work with you.

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